Jean Baptiste Massieu (1742-1818), a born deaf mute, was raised and educated by Father Sicard, who made a prodigious achievement in a time when that abnormality was almost unknown to science, and love and patience were the only lenitives. Jean Baptiste became a priest himself, and, when deciding to devote his life to help others in the same condition, he wrote Father Sicard that "gratitude is the memory of the heart".

With great respect and gratitude, Honduras International Magazine dedicates its HHIC section to the women and men who give their time and hard work to help those in deep need in Honduras, in the farthest and more isolated hamlets of the country, in the poorest neighborhoods of the cities, in the streets of the homeless children. To those who bring education, health, home, protection and hope to the very poor hondurans, to those who make possible that help to come, to all who keep alive the fragile flame of human solidarity, we say: THANKS, HONDURAS WILL REMEMBER!

                What We Do

Help Honduras Information Center is a place -for the institutions, foundations, groups and individuals who get, provide, channel, or by any way facilitate international humanitarian help to Honduras-, to display information and graphic material on their work, projects, staffs and funding needs. HHIC also expects to be a meeting site for the exchange of information and experiences that can contribute to promote the magnitude and the quality of international humanitarian help received by Honduras.

HHIC gives high regard to the professional and ethical quality of the organizations, groups and individuals included in its space, to guide potential donnors and potential joint ventures by means of soundness and credibility.

HHIC is a joint effort developed by and Honduras International Magazine.

Project Honduras




Registered Institutions, Foundations, Groups and Individuals:



Non-profit educational
institution, devoted to formal education to children
from very low income families
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An Unbreakable Spirit
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An Unbreakable Spirit
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